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Why herbal ales?
Simply because the people need them.
We are brewing these ales as an offering to making plant medicine and education tangible and fun for our community. 

If you are reaching for a beer, it is likely because you want something to soothe your nerves, awaken your spirit, or expand your experience of happiness or connection. You should get to have that. You should be given the tools to help heal yourself. Humans have been harnessing plant material and plant spirits to enhance, prolong, and transform their experience for eons. Examples being quite well known; using mushrooms to trigger psychedelic trips, ingesting marijuana to promote a somatic and psychological high, extracting caffeine from coffee beans, or drinking some sleepy time tea before bed. 

As a social society we continue to drink alcohol because we crave that connection to each other, to ourselves, and to our spirit. It makes us feel good. (Until it doesn’t, of course. Please drink responsibly!) 

Our brewing process is truly rooted in evolutionary herbalism - the desire to honor all of the ancestral traditions of Earth medicine and healing. We can draw on wisdoms from the alchemy explorations of Europe, Chinese medicine, Ayurveda, Wise Woman tradition and more. They all have a common thread - their healers were in deep relationship with the Earth and saw the body as an ecosystem, intertwined with that of nature, rather than a mechanical being. 

So when was this relationship lost? Why are most of us only familiar with these allopathic & empty teachings? At the root of it, we believe systems shifted to "make things easier for us."  Arguably that successfully happened, but along the way people stopped having to participate in the process of providing for themselves and their community, losing their connection to land and source. 

It is our firm belief that once people experience positive feelings, healing, and wholeness from these amazing plants that grow wildly out of the Earth, they will start to rekindle their trust that nature has an intelligence and is here to support us physically and emotionally.

Together we can heal ourselves and our planet.