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Why are you calling your product beer?

We’re calling it herbal ale. Why? Because it is… at least as far as the IRS and TTB are concerned we are producing a beer as defined under Section 5052(a) of the Internal Revenue Code (26 U.S.C. 5052(a)).  Our product must be made at a brewery.

where can i buy it? how do i buy it? KEGS OR CANS?

Currently the ales are only available in kegs, you must visit one of our retailers to imbibe!
The cans are not available for sale to the general public, they are only used to sample at accounts. Please follow us on instagram and sign up for our mailing list for announcements about when and where cans are available someday.

If you are a retailer interested in purchasing please send an email to hello@wavemaidenaleworks.com !
There is always at least one on tap at our host brewery’s tap room where we brew - 24407 Main St Santa Clarita, CA 91321.
(Kegs kick / things happen so please call before visiting establishments)!

Are the beers organic? Gluten free?

We will be sourcing organic and ethically harvested ingredients as much as possible. The goal is to solely source directly from regenerative farms someday. At this time all of the ingredients including the yeast are Non-GMO. The ingredients are also all free from gluten.

(However despite thorough industry standard cleaning cycles, the ales are brewed on shared equipment in a brewery that processes gluten so we cannot certify that ales gluten free at this time.)


But if it doesn't have grains and hops its not a beer and it has no business in the craft beer market!?

Well actually, we respectfully point out we are more traditional than beer brewed in accordance to the German Purity Act, hence our tagline “Progressively Traditional.” Ancient and herbal ales dwindled in a big way during the 15th - 16th century. Many factors went into their disappearance, but we’re giving some serious side eye to the passing of the German beer purity act, part of the Protestant reformation. The act stated that water, barley, and hops were the only ingredients to be used in the brewing process. This written decree was made wide spread by the power of the printing press and the loss of traditions passed on through ritual. And, since many of the flavoring and medicinal herbs used were known to be slightly psychotropic or aphrodisiac, its really no surprise that a religious-driven law would favor an ale brewed with hops to induce drowsiness. So, for the “beer experts” out there who turn their nose at what we are doing because we are not “traditional” or “belonging to a category” we respectfully and whole-heartedly disagree.


Why no hops or grain?

Re the grain, we do have recipes we love made with gluten free grains. We plan to brew them commercially when we have the appropriate equipment available. For now, we are very proud that herbals ales sans grain dramatically reduce the food & water waste of most commercial all-grain recipes.

Re the hops, if there are any hop heads reading, sorry to disappoint but hops are first and foremost a sedative. And, we’ll take a stand here and say that the religious orders of Europe, circa the Protestant Reformation, certainly would have preferred you to be feeling all sleepy rather than feeling all sexy. It’s not that we have anything against hops by any means, but we simply feel there are so many more options out there for flavoring and preserving a beer, and we’d like to introduce you to them and their benefits!


All of the ingredients we use are required to be GRAS (generally recognized as safe) by the FDA. Follow us on instagram for more information about the plant’s properties and more!

In reference to the messaging of plant medicine - are you saying we get health benefits from drinking these herbal ales?

We can’t tell you drinking our beers is healthy - that would be irresponsible. It is an alcoholic beverage after all which must be consumed with care. However, the ingredients in our brews are plants that offer a wide range of support and nourishment, so we consider this a “better for you booze” option.


What does Wave Maiden mean?

A beautiful story in Norse mythology, nine sisters worked harmoniously with the ocean to craft beers for the gods and goddesses. Those were the Wave Maidens, nine individual women named for each type of wave. In English their names translate poetically: Breaker, Bloody Haired, Big Wave, The Pitching One, Riser, Through Which One Can See The Heavens, Welling Wave, The Cool One, and Billow. I used their name for this company not because it’s a cute coincidence that they were women brewing beer near an ocean and so are we. I chose their name as an offering, to state my intention, to honor both goddess energy and my process as a female. I don’t mean to say that I don’t like that similarity—I mean to say that we have a responsibility to more. Wave Maiden Ale is an invitation to see deeper, to inquire deeper, and connect deeper.