started with my own desire for greater health and wellness.
I honor the health challenges and complications that I faced as a child, adolescent, and adult because they became the kindling for my great passion and commitment to healing myself. After finding that western medicine was failing me, I tried out what were some rather, ummm, interesting alternative health practices. Trendy, ancient, bizarre, uncomfortable…let’s just say, I really went for it. Some were memorable but unhelpful, and others were profound. Little by little, I began to truly see and understand the connection between my mind and body. Through practice and experience, I saw my health change as I brought my mind and body into alignment by focusing a great deal on what I ate and drank. As I grew on this journey I became more devout in my belief that our food and drink, together with the words we use, our energy, our connections, and the experiences we choose to surround ourselves with, make all the difference. Since learning to heal myself with nutrition, herbalism, and meditation, I've learned how to heal others too. 

Part of my healing was leaving the TV commercial and movie production business. The more I became grounded in my connection with the plants, the more off-balance my day job felt. I knew that I couldn’t work in a field with such excess and waste and find any peace with it. The stronger and healthier I became, the less I was able to tolerate the daily contortion. Leaving my work as a production manager allowed me to stand in alignment with the woman I had always been, a medicine woman and plant medicine practitioner. I was working with people one on one whom were generally searching for alternative medicine to deal with the common symptoms of being an adult in the 21st century -  chronic fatigue, anxiety, stress, sluggish digestion etc. What I found was, most of my friends and clients didn’t want to drink the custom tea blend I made them at the end of the day. You know what sounded better? A nice cold beer or a glass of wine. And you know what else? I really didn’t disagree with them.

I have a great love and passion for craft beer; It’s delicious, the options seem to be endless, it builds vibrant community. Unfortunately, it also causes my gluten sensitive stomach pain and bloating. With the belief that a beer ritual product expansion could be an option for my clients (and me), I consulted the great university of YouTube and read some transformative books about the history and evolution of brewing beer. I was so inspired! I combined my education in herbalism with the wisdoms of this book, and after a couple days I had a batch of gruit style ale bubbling away in my closet. Fast forward several years of experimentation, successes and failures, one fateful bottle bomb (fermentation is real my friends!) I decided it was time to bring herbal ale back to the people. With a bit of gumption, a substantial collection of carboys, and all of my heart Wave Maiden Ale Works was born out of my teeny tiny beach cottage in Venice, CA.

It is my dream to have a facility and taproom that sources from regenerative farms, reduces water waste, composts all byproduct, and brings the community together to share knowledge, love, and laughter!

- Margaux