Experimental Herbal Ales Rooted in Plant Medicine
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our mission

Wave Maiden Ale Works is deeply passionate about resurrecting the lost art of BREWING HERBAL ales.

our BREWS provide
a cleaner, healthier, &
more nourishing ALTERNATIVE
in the craft BEVERAGE market whilE connecting
people with THE
earth'S medicine.



Developed by an herbalist and plant medicine maker, Wave Maiden ales are brewed with the intention to resurrect the lost art of brewing with the medicinal, aromatic, and nourishing herbs our planet offers.
The result is bright, sometimes cider-like flavors, floral noses, bitter brews without any hops, and a unique plant buzz. 



The ales were born through home brewing in a tiny Venice Beach apartment. The ales are now being brewed at a host brewery in Los Angeles where we have our own small beer manufacturer license but rent our equipment and a fermentor.

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